Product Design


November, 2019

The redesign of a product brings the functions up to the latest state of engineering and improves the price-performance. The aesthetics are also revised in order to give the product a modern, up-to-date appearance.

Brief & idea.

In this project, a kitchen tool (herb scissors) was given as the product to be redesigned with the three words of aesthetic quality as the guidelines; sustainable, valuable and precise.

After the in-depth product analyzation, I researched further on the company’s profile, history, philosophy, target group, other product lines and design direction.


The improved version of this herb scissors is made of 100% metal for ease of recycling. The tiny scraping comb can now be stored inside the handle to prevent it from disappearing. The handles receive a unique design and decorative texture. And the blades are serrated to ensure it delivers a faultless and effortless cutting action protected in a leather carrying case.