Product Design


December, 2018

Classic chunky shoe trees take up a lot of space in your luggage and are very impractical for travels.

TAKO, the sustainable flexible shoe trees made of spring steel, let shoe lovers carefree pack their favorite shoes in their luggage and leave more free space for other belongings.

Brief & idea.

Metals are very robust and durable materials. The difficulty is that they are not easily formed into the desired shape. In the process, different types of metals and their properties were compared and tested.

The special properties of this material are perfect for this purpose. The front part of the shoe tree is annealed at high temperature by the “soft annealing process”. As new crystals are formed, the material changes into a soft state and there is a possibility to deform the front part of the object. After hardening, the front part remains in a hard state and is no longer ductile. The back part remains flexible and can therefore be adapted to any shoe size.

The decorative patterns let the shoe breathe and protect the interior of the shoe.

The felt scratch protector protects the rear toe cap from the pressure caused by the tension.


The product was completed with the packaging design and marketing concept. One pair of shoetrees is sold with a fabric shoe bag, that has the infographics and the same pattern/colour scheme, which functions as the product packaging.