Praline Packaging.


Packaging Design


August, 2020

Giving season is the most wonderful time of the year. Since winter 2013, I have been enjoying the moment of each year and giving away sweets to my close friends and work colleagues.

In this private project, I have changed from making cookies, flavoured nuts, macarons, to finally settled with the bonbons pralines since 2018.

Brief & idea.

The flavour choices are the memories from the same passing year. Whether it was the special cocktail that I had tried in the summer, or it was my creation and adaptation.

I take packaging design seriously and enjoy creating it as much as its content. In the year 2020, I planned to make it differently (again) by letting myself inspired by the lessons I have learnt from the design school with the concept of sustainability.

The design of the packaging is a rounded geometric form to contain five pieces of bonbons pralines. It consists of the tray and the lid piece made out of paper pulp.


The chosen design was then built in CAD software for the mould making process with 3D printing.