Apple Bobbycar.


Product Design


October, 2019

Macintosh has made a history of personal computer design since the ’80s. I research on the evolution of each iMac model and other peripherals Apple has created in the past decades.

Between 1998 to 2001 (the series of iMac Rev.A to G3) is the most exciting period as the iMac G3 became a cultural phenomenon with its brightly coloured, translucent, plasticized design (by Jony Ive) and had several iterations and upgrades over the few following years.

Brief & idea.

In this scenario, Apple aims to target a new market group and create a new product line in the future. Small children aged from 4 to 6 in kindergartens will be able to play and learn with this new Apple product line – the smart Apple Bobbycar.


The geometric form of the product consists of two spheres joined together on both ends of a curved cylinder body.

In combination with the materials that Apple used in the later iMac G5, the Apple Bobbycar revives the vintage and the Millenium design altogether with the addition of aluminium and polycarbonate.

A life-size prototype model was made out of brown cardboard for the evaluation and presentation.