Reusable Delivery Food Packagings

In collaboration with the startup company Dabbavelo, my bachelor thesis is about the development of a product line consisting of different food containers for bike couriers.

In April 2020, Dabbavelo was founded with the concept of food delivery with a deposit system. The system includes the “Dabbas” as reusable containers, the special thermal backpacks for the bike couriers, the warehouse and the washing logistics. Many restaurants in the city of Zurich participate and receive the Dabbas for their delivery orders.

The current food containers from Dabbavelo last up to 200 washes and must be replaced after a certain period of time (or until they are worn out). The containers are returned after use in exchange for a deposit of CHF 6 and go back to the system. The new design of the food container should be compliant with the overall sustainable concept (single-use food packaging waste reduction, long-lasting, as little as possible environmentally harmful) and eliminate current problems, e.g. the steam pressure that accidentally pushes open the lid, or the appropriate format and size of the container for the meals.


Project Documentation