Conceptual Design


November, 2020

How many functions does a product have to have? 

How many products must be offered in parallel in a range in order to cover different functions and needs?

The ‘ONLY ONE’ design concept focuses on reduction. The goal is to develop a product concept that truly simplifies one’s life and embodies the principle of ‘reduction’ in its purpose.

Brief & idea.

SMULO is a food & beverage product designed to reduce time and hassle in the preparation of smoothies. So, there is no need for peeling/cutting fruits or dealing with all the waste and washing up afterward.

The pre-portioned freeze-dried fruit pearls turn into a tasty smoothie instantly when mixed with water and shaken in the SMULO drinking bottle.

Freeze-drying technology is a food preservation process that preserves taste, minerals, and vitamins. Even when compared to frozen products, SMULO freeze-dried fruit pearls do not require electricity for storage and take up less space as water has been evaporated.


The SMULO smoothie shaker allows the consumer to prepare a tasty smoothie in seconds by placing the SMULO fruit pearls in the bottom half of the bottle, filling it up with fresh water, and shaking.