Conceptual Design


November, 2017

The appearances of the insects and its anatomical structures enhanced by the electron microscope are quite exciting and uniquely beautiful. In this project, I took the exotic shape of insects as inspiration. With the reference of the electron microscope images of insect carapaces, I created a light, oversized jewellery series concept.

I began the research with the evolution of the insect wings and the high-resolution insect photos, taken with electron microscopic camera. The texture and form of the carapace is a significant part of my project development.

Brief & idea.

In the experimental part, I developed the size and texture of the jewellery digitally. The base structure consists of several small cubes, which is combined to form a horn. This data was used as the template to design all other jewellery pieces by manipulating the algorithms of the software.


The jewellery pieces were printed using a 3D printer with PLA material and then sprayed with the grey primer. I applied the coloured variation digitally for the presentation.