Product Design


December, 2017

The objective of this project was to create an object from the support structure generated by the 3D printing software slicers, which acts similar to the constructions used in architecture. I had an idea of using this structure as the surface and volume for a public and semi-public piece of furniture. With the light, multi-axis structures, the seat would be highly resilient as well as permeable to water.

Brief & idea.

During my research, I came across many technical terms referred to architectural structure. e.g. Voronoi, Lattice structure, Fractal structure, plexus geometry. They have similar principles but are optically very different.

For the experimentation to find surfaces and structures, I used materials like playdough, foam-core board, soldered wires, insulation tape, rivets, and acrylic sheet.


Using Cinema 4D, I created a 3D object out of the combination of a contour line and a sweeping line, converted the flat-curved surface into the rough-edgy polygon surface. Finally, I transformed the polygon edges into rounded wire structures. The object became hollow and light but structurally robust.