3D Conexxion Mouse Case.


Product Design


October, 2019

In the creation of plastic products, industrial designers conceptualize in a balancing act between economy, ecology and aesthetics. In this controversial debate, production-relevant aspects such as demoulding bevels, colour streaks, etching textures, tool separations or injection points become almost insignificant.

In the development of a plastic product, however, it is indispensable and decisive under the claim of sustainability. Only well-designed plastic products remain on the market for a long time

Brief & idea.

After receiving inputs about the types and characteristics of plastics, I visited a few plastic production factories and got a glimpse of the overview of the whole industry. I then digested all of the information and put thought into this product. Every part of the product was designed with the producibility and production techniques in mind.


This carrying case for CONEXXION 3D mouse, an essential tool for 3D CAD design, protects the device from scratches and reduces the impact from falling or bounce using the advantage of the plastic properties.